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y clothed, and I could see a bulge in the pants to my men, which left him, I must admit I was really into what I have seen, turned, and showed me and I changed. Mike really enjoys sucking his, who had the milk comes out of the cornerhis mouth. Jo was. she was sweet carresing its bulk now. hurt my pussy, I needed some action. I took the pants and shorts from Mike and he had to have the hardest, longest and thickest cock and I had seen. I put in my mouth and sucked it, by God, I was horny. Mike was suggested above. I teenmegaworld robbed Jo and wow, what image I wanted a bit of it. Her tits were beautiful with blood. I started to suck, which is a nice feeling for milk feeding. have bland but sexy. Mike was Jos pussy licking, she was lo
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Hello this is a true story. My husband has a fantasy of a good time with a woman breastfeeding. He is 56 and 43rd as I am too old and do not want more children, was very interested in one, my friends, who had a baby. said time and again asks Jo begins at a dinner one night, tells the story. , I received teenmegaworld a call to say at work, a client might be a little late in the production of his appointment, so I contacted Mike to say, that would be home later to forget Jo 's Coming to Dinner . He said he was not upset, h hed entertaining start without me. This was seven when I see at home, he had begun, was entertaining. Jo was off, her tits were filled full of milk and my husband was in the right side of the power. they were both full